How to set private name servers in

How to set private name servers in

  • Step 1 – Login to

Domain List

Step 2 – Goto Manage of your domain and click to the Advance DNS

Advance DNS in Namecheep

Step 3 – Go to Add name server button

Add Name Server

Step 4 – Select Ns1 from the list.

Select Ns1

Step 5 – Add IP address that given to you and click Done.

Add IP Address

Step 6 – Add Name server button again.

Add Name Server

Step 7 – Select Ns2, give the IP and click done.

Select Ns2

Step 8 – Go back to domain.

Goto Domain

Step 9 – Go to Name Server section and Select Custom Name servers and add ns1.yourdoamin and ns2.yourdomain that previously added.

Custom DNS

Step 10 – Select tick mark.

Step 11 – Done.