How to set private name servers in or .in

  • Step 1 – Login to or and click your domain

Bigrock home

  • Step 2 – Click Child Name Servers

Select The domain

  • Step 3 – Enter Givan Nameservers and IP Address in the box


  • Step 4 – Click Name Servers.



  • Step 5 – Select Custom Option and Enter you name servers you added in previous steps. ns1.<yourdomain> and ns2.<yourdomain>. Then click Update Name Servers.
  • 5
  • Step 6 – Done. You need to wait some time and refresh the page to see the newly added details.

Wasantha Gajanayaka

A multi-skilled IT personnel with comprehensive over 11 years’ experience of designing, developing and deploying architectures and infrastructure for software applications.

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